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Allied Services Group, LLC

Web Magic
Your Best Choice For Web Development, Walking and Talking Websites Video Production.



400% Increase


Online Sales will increase
Customers have fewer questions and typically ready to place order.
Real People Videos
Real people walking videos on the website will increase sales, profit, efficiency, effective!




Aviation Support
Our database driven site has been developed by Allied Services Group, Since the addition of online web video personality to our site visitors stay has been longer, so has been their return visits. There are numerous databases that have been converted and utilized on our site...


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Allied Services Group, LLC

Pioneer in Web Magic and Innovation in Walking on Websites Video Productions.

Allied Services Video Production enables an online video spokesperson, Virtual Spokesperson, Website Spokesperson, Flash Spokesperson, Spokesmodel, Walk on Video, Video Overlay, or just a Person on Website to effectively deliver your messages by speaking directly to your website visitors. We record, web-enable and broadcast affordable, professional videos that appear as a transparent layer on your existing website.

Walking & talking Videos on your Websites

           Live website video services are proven to increase sales. Live web videos are effective. Greet your visitors by web Video Spokesperson and build Trust. Websites Walk On Videos captivate your visitors. Powerful and productive.

           We specialize in full-service Internet, Intranet and interactive solutions such as full walking, talking websites video production. With state of the arts technology in providing borderless videos" to websites just like yours.


Test The Video Spokesperson on Your Site:

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Let Allied Services Web Video Magic bring life to your website with an online walking and talking video spokesperson. Adding a virtual video spokesmodel will bring your website alive while giving a very personal and warmth feeling to your visitors.

            We offer a wide variety of options available for your online walking on the web transparent video including simple image backdrops, full moving backgrounds, variety of virtual reality sets, and our high tech walk on video where you can become part of your web page.

             Using an Online Virtual video Spokesperson on your website empowers you to introduce your home page while captivating your audience, give life to your FAQ, direct your traffic, and create landing pages and tutorials. Construct and deliver your messages to turn your visitors into actual prospects. Visit our products and services to learn more information about our cutting edge online video productions.

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